About Me

As any serious novelist will tell you, there is only one universal law for writing that must be adhered to at all times: CONNECT, CONNECT, CONNECT!

And so as a writer myself, and also as a woman who happens to be going through a personal crisis, I feel compelled to reach out and share in that obsessive kind of way that we writers have. And what better medium for doing this than a blog? It isn’t limited to the private confines of a diary (God forbid that anyone should ever read MY diary!!), but instead aims to connect with the anonymous reader out there in the world at large. Share experiences. Touch a chord. Make you laugh. Cringe. Want to read more. Join the writer’s inner world and odyssey.

So that’s my aim. To connect with you, whoever’s reading this. Maybe you yourself are an aspiring novelist, or a woman going through a personal crisis, like me, or maybe you’re a man – I don’t have anything against them, honest! In fact I rather like them – unless you happen to be the Villain in my blogs. Or maybe you’re someone who’s just stumbled across this blog and thought, “Hmm, what’s this about? Betrayal? Letting off steam? Connecting with other emotionally wounded people? The sexy Naomi Lieberman? (Who the hell’s she?) Vibrators under her bed – what? Ah, I see, she works in a London sex shop, whoever she is. But what has Rwanda got to do with anything??”

But patience! All of this shall be revealed in my posts. And maybe, if I’ve done my job well, I’ll have succeeded in obeying that universal writer’s law – as in the law I told you about in the first paragraph, if you were paying attention. Were you?

Okay then, so let’s CONNECT! Read on, anonymous ally!