Halloween, All Saints, All Souls, and Easeful Death

Speak Softly

Speak softly, winds, and do not haunt me,

Blow your whispers to the sky.

Long have I heard them gently pass me,

Now please leave me alone to die.


When I was young I looked around me,

Looked at joy and sought within.

I tried to live my days in laughter,

Shrank from death’s forsaken grin.


I grew up older and you told me

How flowers blossom, fade then die.

You said that all things were to wither,

Said my heart was not to lie.


I learned to love the wind’s soft whisper,

Glowing stars and lands to roam.

I could not bear the thought of dying,

Leaving a world which was my own.


I saw my hands grow old and wrinkled,

Knew that soon my time was done.

My mind could hear the winds still whisper:

‘Look out, my friend, you too will be gone!’


And now, my life and joy behind me,

I listen to death’s awaiting sigh.

I’m old and tired and long to rest,

No longer need I fear to die.

4 thoughts on “Halloween, All Saints, All Souls, and Easeful Death

  1. Mournful as our age (both the idnividual age, human age of tired communitiies and the decline of the epoch). Times full of uncertain lines, all horizons shrink, joys drift away. Goals hard to be seen, mystified mist around. I grieve.

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