Should you have Sex on Friday the 13th?

Hmm. That is the question.

Oh come on, it’s just the same as any other day of the year, isn’t it? That’s what all the sceptics and non-superstitious folk will claim. And in terms of having sex – or not, as the case may be – I guess it is just the same as any other day of the year. Right? But there’s the rub. Is it just the same? Are you quite sure? You don’t want to tempt fate, do you?

Friday the 13th has such a gory, scary, witchy, blood-letting, not to mention plain old unlucky, reputation, it can hardly be considered the same as any other day of the year. And so, being a bit of a scaredy-cat myself, I’m not quite sure if it is such a good idea to get sexually turned on, given the whole host of Halloweenish, nightmarish, spine-curdling, downright appalling (in more ways than one) horror films that have abounded over the last few decades, all of them granting Friday 13th not just with an unlucky reputation, but an altogether DON’T YOU DARE IGNORE ME status.

Okay, let’s skip the preamble.

Here are some sensible reasons for and against indulging in titillating activities on Friday the 13th.


  • Beware of all the horrific things that could go wrong just as you’re getting in the mood, eg. a Scream-type murderer sneaking into your house via an open back window, promptly creeping up to the bedroom and doing his murderous duty … and then the police finding your slashed bodies the following day, still attached to one another though no longer in post-coital passion.
  • The sheer terror of such a gruesome outcome to your love-making could result in drying you up or making you limp before you get going, thereby making the whole erotic business rather sandpapery and stagnant, rather than slippery and salacious.


  • It’s just like any other Friday, right? And as Friday is the end of the hard-working week, what better way to award your onerous labours than by having a good Friday shag? Sod whether it’s the 13th or not!
  • Do it for the sheer hell of it. (This is a good one for stubborn or bloody-minded folk.) Why not defy superstition? The bravery in your defiance will intensify the passion.
  • The underlying fear of what might go wrong mid-way to orgasm (in case you secretly believe that Friday 13th truly is a dark date to be reckoned with) could urge you to push and wiggle and pant and thrust more urgently and speedily than usual, thereby proving to be a good calorie-burner for anyone on a diet.
  • Do it to show God you are not afraid of witchery and superstition and the dark arts, and hope that in return He will reward your faith with a super-seismic orgasm on this of all nights.
  • Do it for the kinkiness. Dress up as an evil sorcerer or sorceress, then get your partner to punish you for belittling the dark arts. Use a whip.

Okay. So as you can see, the FOR far outweighs the AGAINST.

My advice? GO for it!

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