Letting Go

man holding a cage with floating shinning star dust,illustration paintingIt’s so hard to let go.
So much easier to cling on
And on and on and on.
Letting go takes blind faith;
Clinging on takes nothing.
It’s so easy
But so addictive,
So easy to top up your wine glass,
Look at old photos,
Read old diaries, messages,
The narcosia of the past.
Clinging on to what brought you here, to the point where you’re at now
In the first place.
Just let go, they say. Let go of your inner jailor.
No need for drastic action plans,
Resolutions, inner vows.
No need for the surgeon’s knife,
The sadist’s whip.
No need for self-chastisement,
Regret, sorrow.
Surely the whole point of letting go
Is to free yourself of all that … shit.
No need for a better word,
Just a better tomorrow.
It should be so easy:
Step off the cliff edge
And fly, don’t fall.
So why, then, is it so hard?
Please tell me how to let go.
Anyone out there know?


5 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Why let go? All my life I have held to the Sanskrit part:

    Look this day… for it is life…
    In its brief course lie all the verities
    All the realities of your existence…
    The bliss of growth…
    The glory of action…
    The splendor of beauty…
    For yesterday is already a dream
    And tomorrow is only a vision;
    But today we lived,
    Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,
    And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
    Look well, therefore, to this day!

    I must admit, I have had to let go to many people and things, but almost all I have fond and happy memories.

    Please keep up the fantastic work!


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