A Valentine’s Poem Never Sent

I wrote this poem one Valentine’s Day many, many years ago, when my heart was full of longing for a forbidden love. I never sent it to the man in question, because … well, I just didn’t. I couldn’t. So here it is now, several decades late. Wonder if he’ll finally read it?


You came to me not long ago, in a puzzled world of angry snow.

Cold winds fought hard against the sky, as if to say, these hearts must die,

And yet a love began to grow.

You smiled with eyes that stilled all fears; you spoke soft words that allowed no tears,

Yet though a trust so soon was born, I knew one day I’d be alone,

My closest friend the empty years.

Why did you come in the winter tide, casting my very world aside,

Making me yearn with a love that pained, stifling a beauty that felt ashamed,

Unable to forget you, although I tried?

And now you’re gone, our love a sigh, blown to memories that cannot die.

No longer in my world, I fear; no whispered words into my ear,

No more of us, just a wind swept by.

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